Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day

Today Father's day was a little different for me. It took me a little while to figure out how it was.

Now I drive a truck, so I was away from all the kids today. Heck wasn't even close to being in the same state.

It all started off pretty good. I received a call from my oldest son, who is now in Afghanistan. We talked for a good little while before he had to go. Through the day I either received call's from my other kids, or messages on the phone.

I think what was eating at me some today was the fact that if I wanted to, I would have been able to see all of my kids but one, my son. I am starting to figure out how hard this deployment is going to be on me. You see, I've been deployed a few times so I thought going off of those experiences I would be able to handle this better.

I was wrong, and I am seeing how much different the stress is 'on the other side of the fence' so to speak. I can tell this is not going to be an easy year for me, but I will survive.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Ok a person has to love large corporations at times.

Yesterday when I went back to work, they gave me a load that was going to be late. My driver manager and I made sure they knew if I took the load it would get there safely, and as quickly as possible but would not be there by the appt time. They were ok with it and I went to go get it.

Now 2 hours after I laid down, I get a phone call from one of the night guys that they are gonna have another truck pick the load up from me, and he shows up 2 hours later... so much for a good nights sleep.

I finally talk to my driver manager this morning and I'm informed the load didn't make it very far before THAT driver shut down for 10 hours. So much for it making to the customer on time, or even when I said when I would have it there.

The nice thing is that they gave me a load with twice the mileage to pick up for the weekend so I got the better end of the deal.

Gotta love corporation 'efficiency' lmao

On another positive note, I was able to spend some good quality time with my son right before he goes back to training to go overseas.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lazy Weekend

Well here I sit at our terminal outside of Atlanta GA. I've been here since late Friday night and my load doesn't deliver until 9am Monday.

Now I don't mind taking a small break every now and then. But the problem is that I still had plenty of hours to drive, which means I'm not making money sitting still. Also the truck's productivity is not good sitting still. So I'm trying to figure out why they wanted me to babysit a load like this.

I have taken the time to clean the truck, do my laundry, and try to relax. But I had a friend point out something to me, that I must have ADD tendencies since I feel like I need to keep moving.

I guess I just don't do well to sit around all day doing nothing... its not in me lol. Must be that country farm raising I guess.

So for me, its been a rather slow lazy weekend, something I haven't had in a while.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fun Weekend

I have to say my time off was pretty fun. I went back home and was able to spend some good quality time with my 2 oldest girls and my parents.

I really enjoy spending time with my dad. It's pretty nice to go back out on the farm and even if its only for a day or so, to help him with some of the things he wanted to get accomplished. He has a small herd of goats and needed to work them and the kids they had so he can get ready to ween them. Let me tell you trimming hooves is no fun lol.

I was able to spend some good time separately with my two oldest daughters. I met the new boyfriend of the younger of the two. I was actually impressed with the lad, and that does take a little bit lol. This is the first boyfriend she has ever had and she is his first girlfriend so it should be interesting there.

My oldest daughters senior prom was this weekend. I took some great pictures of her and then went and help set up the after-prom party lock in. I swear the kids these days clean house. Back in my day, we went out in the country and drank ourselves silly, but that was quite a while back lmao.

The kids got a pleasant surprise when they were entertained by the ventriloquist and magician that was hired. That act made their night from what I could tell. Those guys had a blast with the kids.

So now I am back in my truck, waiting to pick up my load in the morning so I can get back on the road. But I do have some great memories from this last weekend.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Day

Today was a pretty good day for me. I was able to get unloaded a little quicker than I figured.

I ran into a few problems when I arrived to pick up my next load. It was a simple load. Drop the empty trailer and pick up the preloaded one. Well there was such a huge line at the distribution center what should have taken 15-30 min took over an hour.

I was able to drive some good distance today. I haven't driven that far in a while, 632 miles in 11 hours. That's a very good average and I was able to get quite a ways like I used to drive.

Now if they can continue to give me loads like this I'll be happy lol.

I'll be happy to get home this weekend so I can see my daughters, and see my oldest one off on her senior prom.

Do they have to grow up so quick?

On top of that my oldest son, who is 20, is currently at summer camp for his guard unit as they prepare to go to Afghanistan. We have talked more on the phone than I can ever remember. He calls me often for advice since I served in a combat zone. I do remind him that it was over 5 years ago and things have changed a little, but its nice he asks. At times I wish I was there with him to show him etc but I know I couldn't do that, it would feel like I was hovering and I have to let him go do it. Next month is my last drill for me being in the national guard. I know I'll miss it some but its time to hand it off to the young guys.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Wacky Sleep Schedules

I delivered my load first thing this morning here in Columbus Ohio, and then waited, and waited for the company to dispatch me on another load.

I know its the nature of the beast here in trucking. The regulations for our logbook are pretty strict, and they are trying to make them worse..yay but I digress.

Right now I am running day to day in my log book. That means I have to watch my hours closely to make sure I don't go over. The company gave me a load going to Illinois, about a 5-6 hour run. Problem is that its not here yet. So taking a 10 hour break frees me up to be able to run this evening and tonight.

That's what I mean about crazy schedules. I'll admit, I love running nights. You have less traffic, its easier to find places etc. But to switch over in twelve hours to nights can be kinda rough.

So here I am, not tired at all, but need to get a few hours sleep at least. I know I can make the run as I am now, I'm used to the long days and I'm the type when I get in the groove to drive, I drive lol.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Unkown Triggers

Today I was sitting in the drivers lounge here at our Columbus Ohio Terminal watching a movie I have seen quite a few times. They had Saving Private Ryan on. I was waiting for my food that I had ordered and was paying attention to the movie.

The movie got to the scene where the group goes to take out a German machine gun. Like I said I've seen this movie multiple times so no problems.

Well it gets to the U.S. soldier who is fatally wounded. The group is frantically working on him but his wounds are too severe. At this point, I had some very strong emotions come over me and I had to get up and walk out of the lounge. I was almost shaking and I felt unnerved.

Like I said, I have seen this movie quite a few times, even after returning from Iraq and it never affected me like that before. The only thing I could figure right off the bat is the fact that my boys will be going to Afghanistan soon and I know that has me wound up some. I know they are going into a situation I feel that is more dangerous than the one I was in in 06-07, and it wasn't a cakewalk.

I know this is something that I will have to face and deal with for the next 18 months or so, and I'm not looking forward to it. So I guess I better watch what movies I can see, and if I have to get up and just walk out, even if I paid for it.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Busy Life

Here recently I have been spending quite a bit of time trying to figure out the different things I have going on and prioritizing them.

The biggest thing is that right now I am currently a company driver with the company I am with. I have made the decision to do a lease-purchase on a truck, which I would own in 18 months. Buying a truck means I would have to stay out every three weeks or so instead of 2 to keep the revenue flowing properly.

The next thing work wise is that I have taken a reserve commission with the local police department I used to work for. The nice thing here is that the chief agreed to me only coming in about 3 or 4 times a year during the busy parts of the season, such as the different festivals we have, rodeo weekend, stuff like that.

After that I have some teenage kids that do have events and stuff coming up. My oldest daughter has prom coming up, which I was able to schedule my time off to be able to see her for that. My other daughter has started to see someone (why couldn't she stay single for a few more years lol) and wants me to meet him. Then there is graduation etc.

So I get to go and see how things iron out here right now.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What is Love?

Here recently I have been thinking about what constitutes love. I know people have their own versions of love so first I looked up the definition of it.

noun \ˈləv\
Definition of LOVE
a (1) : strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties (2) : attraction based on sexual desire : affection and tenderness felt by lovers (3) : affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests b : an assurance of affection
: warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion
a : the object of attachment, devotion, or admiration b (1) : a beloved person : darling —often used as a term of endearment (2) British —used as an informal term of address
a : unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another: as (1) : the fatherly concern of God for humankind (2) : brotherly concern for others b : a person's adoration of God
: a god or personification of love
: an amorous episode : love affair
: the sexual embrace : copulation
: a score of zero (as in tennis)
capitalized Christian Science : god
— at love
: holding one's opponent scoreless in tennis
— in love
: inspired by affection

Now this is the definition of what love is. Now I will talk about how it is for me.

There are a few different types of Love. I have love for all of my friends. I also love all of my kids. Now the love I have for my kids is different than for my friends as it is a closer, more intense love. I do love my fellow man, unless he gives me reason to not to. Just in the above examples there are 3 different levels of love right there.

Next you have when you are 'in love' with someone. For me that is the pinnacle of love. It is the highest you can achieve for one person. There is a huge difference in being 'in love' with someone, and just loving them.

I don't know why I felt like I needed to blog about this, but it has been something that has been bouncing in my mind for a little while and I think I just needed to get it out of there. I do have loads of time to think now that I am driving lol. That can be a good, and a bad thing sometimes.

So I would ask, does anyone else have any radical different versions of love there?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


One of the great things about my job is that I get to see all sorts of cool places. Right now I am sitting at one of my companies terminals here in Memphis doing my laundry lol.

I can say this is a very beautiful area when everything is in bloom and Graceland is a sight to behold! Anyone that likes music should make a pilgrimage to the site of 'The King'.

Many wonder why things happened like they did. I tend to believe more along with the agents from Men in Black. Elvis didn't die... he went back home.

Thank you...Thank you...Thank you very much....

Interesting Times....

After listening to the news today, I decided to go and look at my state's 2012 proposed budget. Seeing what is happening across the country has really got me thinking and wanting to involve myself more in what happens with the state I call home.

I went and pulled up the proposed budget and our new Governor has a budget cutting most agencies 3% across the board. Doing this, and some other items to streamline the government (that I will have to see to believe ) their budget will pull us from a 400 million dollar deficit from last year to a 100 million dollar surplus.

From what I could tell, the proposed changes made sense to me. As I read through and skimmed part of the 252 page document, I did realize that it was not as hard to follow as I thought it would be.

So I guess my advice to my fellows out there, if you really want to know what's going on, get the information and look it up, research it, then make an informed decision on if you agree the direction your state leadership is going or not.

The reason I am looking hard at the state side is that we, as people have more direct control over the state government vs. the bloated federal government that from what I can tell, no one but the bureaucrats have control over. Once the states have their houses in order, then they can tackle the federal side lol.

Overseas 16 Feb 2011

I think I have figured out part of the reason why I have felt so down here recently.

Today was the Farewell Ceremony for my son's National Guard unit that is preparing to go overseas in a few month's. When he told me about it a little over a week ago, I couldn't make the arrangements with work to be able to be there for it.

I know I will have opportunities to see him before he finally ships out, but not being there is something that has been gnawing at me here.

Although I know he is a man now, I still have this urge to protect him from harm. I've been overseas and have an idea what he will be facing and honestly don't like it. But he made the choice to go over. I am very proud of him, and back him 100% in his choice, but that doesn't mean I don't get to worry inside.

This is something I do have to get ready for, because my stepson, (3rd ex's son) will be going over this summer. So I will have 2 of them in theater over there at the same time.

It's not going to be an easy 18 months or so I can tell that right now.

Ponderings 15 Feb 2011

One of the good, and potentially bad things about my line of work is that I have plenty of time to think about things. Now depending on what I am listening to can sometimes trigger different things. While driving, I do listen to a wide variety of things from different music genders on my XM receiver, comedy, talk radio and even the trucker channel.

I do sometimes tend to over think things. It's a habit that I picked up while growing up on the farm. While running the tractor etc if I was presented a problem I would think it over and try to 'attack' it from every angle I could come up with before deciding on the solution I liked. One of the things that this has done for me unfortunately is that I sometimes do not respond right back to a person when I am asked a question. It's not that I heard you, but that my mind is going a mile a minute looking at all of those angles before I decide on what I would like to say or do. Because I am also the type of person once I make a decision I stick with it for good or for ill, its a done deal.

Where I am going with this right now I have no clue, its just been something that was bouncing around my head today and I needed to get it out lol.

Good Deeds 10 Feb 2011

I remember reading on another blog that someone was talking about how a simple smile can spread to other people doing good deeds and it can turn into a snowball effect.

Well I had to go meet my son not too far from where I'm staying this weekend. After chatting with him and getting a few items he brought to me, I headed back.

Driving back I saw a guy that was on the side of the road slowly digging his work van out. Well I drive a nice 4x4 truck and carry a nice long chain. I pulled up and asked him if he wanted to be pulled out. He told me he didn't have anything to repay me with and I told him he didn't need it. In no time we had the van back on firm ground. He once again asked what I wanted and I told him nothing, and to have a great day.

Now the road at this spot is narrowed down to about one lane of traffic due to the blowing snowdrifts etc. Nope the city hasn't cleared the side streets yet. Well while I was pulling him out, another car wanting to go the other way got impatient I guess and what do they do? They pull through the parking lot and out the same way where he was stuck. Anyone wanna guess what happened? That's right, they got their car stuck, high centered on the snow.

I sat there for a few seconds looking the situation over after the van left, and shaking my head turned around and pulled up to them, assisting them out with a pull. They thanked me for getting them out (they were a couple of old gentlemen in the car, poor guys) and I headed back to where I was staying.

So I did not only one good deed, but two for the day. The funny thing is that one of those was caused by someone being impatient, but I couldn't be that mean and leave them stuck lol.

Snowstorm, round 2 8 Feb 2011

Well the voodoo witch doctors, I mean the local weatherman are predicting lots of snow for the wonderful state of Oklahoma again here tonight and tomorrow?

I'm really hoping these guys are a little off their numbers this time. I mean shoot, I guess they can be right once in a great while but lets not push the luck and make it two in a row! I think they have just barely gotten most of the roads and side streets cleared from the last dump of snow we got last week lol.

Another reason I'm hoping they are a little off is that I'm sitting here in Tulsa right now. I have a load that has a few more drops here, then I get to make my way down to OKC and finish up there. The problem is the fact the cargo I am carrying has absolutely no weight to it! Which means if the roads get messy I'll be skating all over the place, might have to actually use the snow chains I carry (shudder, I HATE chaining up lol) and will just flat out not be a fun day of driving.

Pushy People 6 Feb 2011

Now I know everyone has a different version or definition of what is considered a 'pushy person'.

Here is the definition of pushy from the merriam-webster dictionary online:
Definition of PUSHY
: aggressive often to an objectionable degree : forward
— push·i·ly \ˈpu̇-shə-lē\ adverb
— push·i·ness \ˈpu̇-shē-nəs\ noun

A few Synonyms: ambitious, assertive, enterprising, fierce, go-getting, high-pressure, in-your-face, militant, aggressive, self-asserting, self-assertive

Ok, now that we have a working definition of pushy lets talk about pushy people.

Now we all encounter pushy people in our lives at various times. Most salesmen are pushy in order to sell you a product. The part I don't consider pushy people is when you get a pushy person in your personal life.

On this I do have a huge problem with pushy people. I myself take a very no-nonsense attitude towards them and let them know right from the start that what they are trying to do isn't welcome. But that is my personality and only mine. One thing I have noticed in my life journey's is that pushy people, or even aggressive people tend to run roughshod over the more kinder, gentler ones out there.

What I mean by this is that you have those kind gentle people that don't want to upset anyone so they won't make a stand per say. A pushy person will knowingly, or unknowingly push their thoughts, ideals etc onto that person without taking how they feel about it into consideration.

Yes, before you ask I did put in there the ones that unknowingly push. There are some people that don't realize that they do this, but they do. The fun is trying to educate them in the fact.

Ok, now for the next argument as far as this 'lifestyle' that a lot of us live is concerned. Yes I do realize people try new and interesting things. Some they like, some they don't. There have been things I enjoyed a few I haven't.

The part that concerns me is when a pushy person will push their ideas or thoughts on someone that is of the kind gentle variety, even after they have voiced concerns about it or said no. The pushy person will just continue to run over them oblivious to the other person.

A pushy person is looking out for themselves, and nobody else. They do not take into consideration the other person in any way shape or form. I think this is the thing that drives me nuts more than anything else.

Round and Round We Go......... 2 Feb 2011

Ever feel like you are doing a big circle? Have that sense of deja' vu?

Well I did today, and kinda doing it here again shortly. Right now I am sitting in the same spot I parked my truck last night lmao. Now before you ask, yes I did deliver my load in southeast Ohio this afternoon. I then went towards the northwest corner of the state to pick up my next one. Wanna guess where it heads to? Yep, that's right, New Jersey! The delivery location is about 30 miles away from where I had left so, once again, a big circle!

Hmmmm I wonder how much I'm gonna have to bribe my driver manager to get me off of this ride here? I mean, I do enjoy the scenery, but driving in the ice and heavy snow in the last few days can get to a guy. I've seen more accidents, and potential accidents than I care to lol.

So here's to hoping I can get off this ride, and maybe get a load headed back towards the homeplace.

Winter Blizzard 31 Jan 2011

Well as we all know, here shortly,(or now depending on when your reading this blog lol) a massive storm system starts its ugly march across the US.

Listening to the news they say it has the potential to impact 100 million people in 29 states. Wow, that's a third of the population there. And they are not talking about a dusting here, its suppose to dump a foot of snow. One of the other dangers is the possible ice that will precede it. If that happens you can count on losing some power there folks.

And right now, I'm sitting outside of one place I hate as a truck driver...New York City. I have never had anything good happen when I have to deliver here. Thankfully I can count on one hand how many times I have been here in the 13+ years I have driven lol.

So the question I do pose to you, what snowstorm in your childhood do you remember being close to this?

For me I remember a system back around '76 that seemed to have dumped well over a foot of snow. I remember my brother and I digging snow tunnels and building snow forts. The snowball fights we had were epic! And the sledding was awesome!

Breakdowns....ugh 30 Jan 2011

Ok, let me start off by saying if I'm broke down due to my neglect that is something entirely different. But I do have a gripe when drivers drop off equipment that they know is broke and in need of repair.

A person would think, that if he has a piece of equipment that he is responsible for, he will make sure it is in good shape for the next person. That would be the responsible thing to do, the RIGHT thing to do.

I have picked up trailers that were empty and in need of repair, and I made sure they had those repairs so the next driver wouldn't be hindered. It's part of the job. I have done this many many times, sometimes bouncing between 2-3 trailers being taken to the shop etc before getting a good one.

What I despise are drivers that leave broken equipment. That messes up my timetable on my trip planning to get the load to its destination safely. When I trip plan, I usually plan in time for breakdowns so I am not pressured to 'skip' that step.

I can say the company does not take a good attitude towards drivers that leave broken equipment if its not reported. They will get wrote up on it and if it happens too much will be terminated. We just don't need those type of people in the company.

So here is my rant on breakdowns, sorry you guys had to suffer through that. Maybe I'll think of something cool to talk about later lol.

Crazy Government Ideas 29 Jan 2011

You know, I hate to admit it, but our crazy government does have a decent idea once in a blue moon.

Now I'm not talking about the latest wild crap flying around. I'm talking about how they changed our logbook rules on us a few years back.

You see I'm the type of driver that when I 'get in the groove', I DRIVE. If I could get away with it I would be driving all of the time, with sleep breaks of course, but not really take any days off. I love what I do, and really enjoy driving.

When they first changed the rules on me I was like, 'what the hell? How can they tell me how to do this?' lol. Now once I got used to the rules, I saw the huge benefits in them, and to my surprise, didn't lose much if not any money with it. That was the most surprising thing of all. The company I drive for stresses logging everything legal and right. They stress this to the point you don't get very many chances to screw up before your terminated.

One of the new nice things about the rule changes was that companies now have to tell others why you were terminated, especially if it was safety related, such as wrecks, log books etc.

So I am taking a 'day off'. 34 hours to be exact here so that I can reset my logbook for another week of fun running. I am currently sitting in Virginia on I81 where the scenery is beautiful, and relaxing. I have been able to take a nap..(NO! that's unheard of lmao) clean the truck up some, and just.....relax.

Clean the Snow! 27 Jan 2011

Ok, I do have a small rant for the day. After I delivered my load I went to go pick up my next load which was on a preloaded trailer. The directions were kinda sketchy and the roads were snowpacked so I was driving fairly slow.

Ok the shipper I'm going to is up a small incline. I start up ait and I'm doing fairly decent until I feel the truck stall out and spin the tires. I knew I was a done chicken at that point.

Here is a quick physics lesson for ya. As you drive up a hill, gravity will shift the weight towards the lowest point. Well that lowest point was the end of my trailer which meant what little weight that was on the truck was no longer there.

I spent time trying to get up the incline before giving up and broke out the snow chains we are required to carry for the Rocky Mountains, but from what I can tell they aren't required for the East Coast. Well I'm glad I had them.

After grumbling about putting on chains I got them on and was able to move right up the hill.

Now my rant is that this facility had 3 pieces of equipment sitting next to the building that could clear the driveway of snow. That and I'm sure the security guards were getting a nice laugh about my antics on the hill there. That's the part that irritated me. They had the ability to clear it, but were just too damn lazy to do it.

Ok, I'm done now, that was the only low point of the day for me.(other than the slow driving due to the snow lol)

Driving Weather 26 Jan 2011

Ok guys in Pennsylvania, what's up, the last time I consulted the voodoo witch doctor....errr the weatherman he didn't say anything about a lot of white stuff falling out of the air! lol

I'm a southern boy here from Oklahoma so we don't see this weird white stuff very much and as you can tell my truck didn't like it. Slowing down to a meager 45mph (for safety of course) really cut in the mileage I can run. In a 10 hour driving period I went a whole 456 miles give or take.

Ok all kidding aside, I am a sucker for seeing snow on the ground like I did going through the beautiful state here. The only minor gripe I have is that it seems the road crews take their time on clearing a path, and boy there are some crazy car AND truck drivers out there that wanted to fly by. Unfortunately I did see a few of them off in the ditch later on. Some people don't realize slow and steady will get you there safely and in plenty of time vs rushing around.

I have to admit I'm glad to finally be out of the bad stuff here finally, that way I can get some good sleep as driving like that all day really wore me out. I feel like I went a few rounds with a kickboxer and I ache all over lol.

Well that's all for now I'll chat with you later there.

Marathon Driving 26 Jan 2011

Wow, I just finished up a marathon day of driving. Should be interesting to see if the evil logbook guru's try to hang me on this one but it will be fun to prove them wrong lmao.

What it boils down to is that I show driving 611 miles in 10 hours.... in a truck that can only do 62 max. Now the biggest thing here is that its probably more along the lines of 10 hours and 15 minutes or so. But the way they allow us to round up or down the 15 minute intervals gives me a small advantage and I used it. That and I only took two 15 minute breaks in that whole span. I am the type of person I can drive for quite a ways before needing a break to stretch etc. But it will be fun to see how many times they try and successfully, mind you, to match my log with the timestamps that my Qualcomm(our satellite computer tracking system) will show. I'm sure there will be quite a bit of grumbling as they really can't do much hehehehe.

On another note, I have to say it was beautiful country I drove through from Missouri to Ohio on Interstate 70 today. The ground was snow covered and it looked....peaceful which was nice.

It gave me plenty of time to think of the things I am thankful for. Such as loving kids that understood why I had to go back to driving a truck vs. being driven nuts by the local politicians as the Chief of Police of my hometown. I am also very thankful for the new friends I have made here recently. And I'm especially thankful for that special lady letting me spend some quality time in her life.

Well I better get some sleep here so I can continue my journey to Pennsylvania tomorrow.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Load from Hell

Last night was a very interesting night to say the very least. I was given a run by the distribution center I'm helping out to deliver to 4 stores along the border of southern California.

Now I was running very close on my hours of service with my logbook, but I had enough to be able to do it with only a small buffer. I like having a bigger buffer than that but the last few runs went well so I didn't worry about it.

I got to the first store and the load was off in a jiffy there. I was happy how that store went and quickly got to the second store. This is where things go downhill. I go into the Walmart, and it took me 30 frakkin minutes to locate a manager!!!! Really?? These stores know when these loads are to be here. And then we had a problem with the load. It took almost an hour and a half when it should have taken half an hour max.

Now my schedule is extremely tight. The next store has to be able to get their load off quickly if I am to make the last store on time. I arrive there and see all the dock doors taken up by trailers... WHAT THE HELL!!!! I go in and once again it seems to take forever to find a manager so I can see which one I need to use. So I unhook my trailer, pull one out of the door, then put mine in. I go in and once again no one is around. Come to find out, they are now doing Shift Change! Uh, hello, I told them I was on a very tight schedule to make the next store and no one is around once again.

So I end up calling my driver manager, to let them know that I had two options. I could basically run illegally to get the last store delivered, or they would have to repower the load. They decided to repower it so I wouldn't take the hit on a log violation. The other thing I hate is not knowing whether or not this fiasco will show up as a 'service failure' on my record. I pride myself on my record. I am not late on loads....period. The few rare times I am are due to reasons such as above and it drives me nuts!

So now I am sitting behind the last store here in my truck. I don't have any hours left on my log to be able to go anywhere. Another thing that sucks is that in this part of California, there are NO truck stops...gee thanks guys. I get to spend the next 34 hours at a strip mall. At least I was able to get a broadband card for my laptop, and they have plenty of eating places. And I'd hate to tell the State of California, but screw your no idling law...I plan on being comfortable in my truck!

Now the one bright spot is that I get to talk to a great sexy woman over the time I have to sit here and enjoy getting to know her more. See I can find the silver lining in the clouds.

Staying Busy and Open Communication

I am sitting here at a Walmart Distribution Center near Phoenix AZ. I was asked by one of our dedicated planners that work here if I wanted to make a few runs for them. I talked to my driver manager and she confirmed freight was very slow in the area so I jumped on the chance. Its a way to stay busy and make money instead of sitting.

Now you may ask how does communication come into play? Well without good open communication the planner would not have mentioned it to me and I'd be stuck somewhere right now.

This also brings to mind some very good conversations I've had with a few friends. Without that good open honest communication where does that leave us? It almost always leaving us getting hurt sooner or later in one way shape or form. That communication can help keep that massive pain from happening. Now I won't say you won't get hurt by being open and honest, but from what I have seen the pain is a lot less vs finding out in other ways and forms.

I guess the purpose of this is that I am very happy to have been able to find people that also believe in this type of communication. I can honestly say this is the happiest I have felt in a very long time. I really love these conversations with everyone and hope they continue and develop into more..

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A good start

Well I can safely say I am extremely happy with the job change that I made. Today I was able to get out on the road and just drive and it was a nice stress free day for me there. This was exactly what the doctor ordered so to speak for me, and I'm loving it. I'm also able to carry on some nice deep conversations with friends and that is helping me to rediscover myself. I think in the last few years that was something I had lost track of, was me. Everything revolved around my identity as an officer, but not me as a person. I have to say I am really liking the guy that was hidden there and I'm hoping to be able to share him with someone who would like to take him there. Right now from what I can tell things are looking up in all areas. Taking it one day at a time I know I will let loose that fun, honest happy guy that's been hiding there lol.

A late Start

Sometimes a person has to love big corporations. Now I'll admit starting a new job right before the new year has not been one of my top 10 ideas to do. I will admit thinking that going back to a company that I enjoyed working for and had a good relationship was a great idea. What I didn't count on was Murphy's Law.

Let me explain here, Murphy's Law is when the complete unexpected happen. In my case it was the computer system flagging me for a company class before I could leave. No big deal except the class was required back when I was deployed to Iraq and is not offered. So when the company reactivated me no one cleared out this kind of stuff. And being a holiday weekend no one is at corporate headquarters to fix it since it won't let us on this end. So they better get it done Monday I swear lol.

Now the good thing here is that I was able to make it to another meet and greet in the area. I am starting to get to know the group more and they me. I also was able to spend more time with someone I am really interested in so this is the silver lining in the cloud here as far as I'm concerned.

Here's to funky computer mistakes and making the best of it