Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Load from Hell

Last night was a very interesting night to say the very least. I was given a run by the distribution center I'm helping out to deliver to 4 stores along the border of southern California.

Now I was running very close on my hours of service with my logbook, but I had enough to be able to do it with only a small buffer. I like having a bigger buffer than that but the last few runs went well so I didn't worry about it.

I got to the first store and the load was off in a jiffy there. I was happy how that store went and quickly got to the second store. This is where things go downhill. I go into the Walmart, and it took me 30 frakkin minutes to locate a manager!!!! Really?? These stores know when these loads are to be here. And then we had a problem with the load. It took almost an hour and a half when it should have taken half an hour max.

Now my schedule is extremely tight. The next store has to be able to get their load off quickly if I am to make the last store on time. I arrive there and see all the dock doors taken up by trailers... WHAT THE HELL!!!! I go in and once again it seems to take forever to find a manager so I can see which one I need to use. So I unhook my trailer, pull one out of the door, then put mine in. I go in and once again no one is around. Come to find out, they are now doing Shift Change! Uh, hello, I told them I was on a very tight schedule to make the next store and no one is around once again.

So I end up calling my driver manager, to let them know that I had two options. I could basically run illegally to get the last store delivered, or they would have to repower the load. They decided to repower it so I wouldn't take the hit on a log violation. The other thing I hate is not knowing whether or not this fiasco will show up as a 'service failure' on my record. I pride myself on my record. I am not late on loads....period. The few rare times I am are due to reasons such as above and it drives me nuts!

So now I am sitting behind the last store here in my truck. I don't have any hours left on my log to be able to go anywhere. Another thing that sucks is that in this part of California, there are NO truck stops...gee thanks guys. I get to spend the next 34 hours at a strip mall. At least I was able to get a broadband card for my laptop, and they have plenty of eating places. And I'd hate to tell the State of California, but screw your no idling law...I plan on being comfortable in my truck!

Now the one bright spot is that I get to talk to a great sexy woman over the time I have to sit here and enjoy getting to know her more. See I can find the silver lining in the clouds.

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