Saturday, August 8, 2009

Road Trip!!!

Well I had a pretty fun week.  I went with Elaine and the kids on a 1100 mile roadtrip to Columbia South Carolina.  Now why there you may ask?  Well my son graduated Basic Training at Ft Jackson on the 6th and we had a great time there.  Then yesterday we drove back and got home this morning.  Talk about a fly by night drivathon lol.

Other than that things have been good for me.  I now just need to get ready for fall classes that start on the 24th...wooohoo

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

End of Summer Semester

Hi all, I know its been quite a while for an update here but I've been pretty busy.  First off, I finally finished the summer semester with my two online classes and I made B's in both classes.  Bad thing is if I would have gotten my last English paper turned in time I would have gotten an A out of it lol.  The bad thing is that I felt like I was just BSing my way through the assignments and I was getting great scores!  With my intro to CJ class I found an easy way to get through the tests on that one.  The only bad thing I have to say about my online classes was that it didn't seem like I got alot of feedback on assignments so I didn't have a very good idea what I was doing right and wrong there.

Other than that, I went and saw my boys down in Texas.  Kenzie went with me down there and we had a blast over the weekend.  I seem to be getting things slowly set up such as getting my finances for school finally lined out and things of that nature.

Well enough for now, I'll see everyone later!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

College Boy

Well, its official.  I am now a student again at Redlands Community College.  I am enrolled in 6 hours this summer, and 9 hours for fall doing online courses.  I hope they are pretty decent and I can do well on them.  Once I get done with the summer semester they will convert all of my classes from CLEET to college hours and I should get close to 30 hours there.  Right now I need 17 hours or so to finish up an Associates in Arts degree in Criminal Justice.  That will set me up to go and be able to continue at a university for a BS degree in Criminal Justice, and I'm thinking a minor in something like psychology or sociology.  Still haven't decided yet though.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Acadamy Finished!

Well we finally finished!  I took the cert test this morning and scored a 95 on it!  Now all we have to do is go through the ceremony this afternoon and get our cards etc and be on our way!  Now I can get back to work lol.

Next thing on the list is to go and get this academy converted to college credits and take the 2-3 classes I need to complete my associates degree.