Tuesday, March 31, 2009

College Boy

Well, its official.  I am now a student again at Redlands Community College.  I am enrolled in 6 hours this summer, and 9 hours for fall doing online courses.  I hope they are pretty decent and I can do well on them.  Once I get done with the summer semester they will convert all of my classes from CLEET to college hours and I should get close to 30 hours there.  Right now I need 17 hours or so to finish up an Associates in Arts degree in Criminal Justice.  That will set me up to go and be able to continue at a university for a BS degree in Criminal Justice, and I'm thinking a minor in something like psychology or sociology.  Still haven't decided yet though.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Acadamy Finished!

Well we finally finished!  I took the cert test this morning and scored a 95 on it!  Now all we have to do is go through the ceremony this afternoon and get our cards etc and be on our way!  Now I can get back to work lol.

Next thing on the list is to go and get this academy converted to college credits and take the 2-3 classes I need to complete my associates degree.