Monday, December 17, 2012

Reserved Parking for 18 Wheelers

One of the major truck stop chains has started a new campaign recently. The TA/Petro chain has been going and putting in a few 'reserved' parking spots at their locations. Now they are only using about 2-5 percent of their total parking capacity at this point to do this.

The concept I believe is a good one.  They have a number you can call into and reserve a parking spot for the night (or day) for a fee ranging from 8-13 dollars. 

This allows you to plan your routes easier since you don't have to worry about whether or not you will find a spot when you are about to run out on your 14 hour clock.   This also allows people that pull oversized loads to acquire parking easier, although depending on how big the load is they might have to pay for 2 spots.

Now there are a 'few' drivers in the trucking community that do not like this new idea, hence my nice little picture above in the corner.  These are your drivers that, I swear, if you told them the sky was going to be blue, would argue with you over the point.  There are some out there that you just can't make happy. 

I have heard complaints ranging from 'they charge how much? well thats @#$%2 bs' to 'they are taking spots away from other drivers, if you can't make it there, tough, find another truck stop'.

I'm going to let you in on a neat little secret guys.......

The truck stops OWN the land that their parking lots are on.  Also, that kinda sorta makes it PRIVATE PROPERTY which allows them to do with it what they please.  There are truck stops out here that charge you to park in their parking lot....period.  You have drivers that don't buy fuel, or purchase items at the truck stop, but they want to take up a parking space there.  The truck stop has to spend money to clean and maintain the parking area.  They do have a business to run that needs to make a profit.

 Do you think that money comes out of thin air?  Well if you think our government is doing just fine you might so scratch that thought.....

It boils down to this neat little thing called CHOICE.  If you don't like it, don't use the service, its as simple as that.  Honestly, I'm not surprised that more truck stops haven't gone to the 'pay to park' model more.  Keeping up a large parking area is not cheap.  Quite a few truck stops now have security roaming around at night to help keep things safe.  Where does the money come from to pay for that?  Everything costs money guys, its just a matter of what you want to pay for.

As for me, I'll pay for the service when I need it.  I've already used it a few times and I have enjoyed the fact I didn't have to prowl the parking lot hoping to find a spot or catch someone leaving.  If your an Owner/Operator, its also a tax write-off, a deduction, so why all the whining?