Friday, March 25, 2011


Ok a person has to love large corporations at times.

Yesterday when I went back to work, they gave me a load that was going to be late. My driver manager and I made sure they knew if I took the load it would get there safely, and as quickly as possible but would not be there by the appt time. They were ok with it and I went to go get it.

Now 2 hours after I laid down, I get a phone call from one of the night guys that they are gonna have another truck pick the load up from me, and he shows up 2 hours later... so much for a good nights sleep.

I finally talk to my driver manager this morning and I'm informed the load didn't make it very far before THAT driver shut down for 10 hours. So much for it making to the customer on time, or even when I said when I would have it there.

The nice thing is that they gave me a load with twice the mileage to pick up for the weekend so I got the better end of the deal.

Gotta love corporation 'efficiency' lmao

On another positive note, I was able to spend some good quality time with my son right before he goes back to training to go overseas.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lazy Weekend

Well here I sit at our terminal outside of Atlanta GA. I've been here since late Friday night and my load doesn't deliver until 9am Monday.

Now I don't mind taking a small break every now and then. But the problem is that I still had plenty of hours to drive, which means I'm not making money sitting still. Also the truck's productivity is not good sitting still. So I'm trying to figure out why they wanted me to babysit a load like this.

I have taken the time to clean the truck, do my laundry, and try to relax. But I had a friend point out something to me, that I must have ADD tendencies since I feel like I need to keep moving.

I guess I just don't do well to sit around all day doing nothing... its not in me lol. Must be that country farm raising I guess.

So for me, its been a rather slow lazy weekend, something I haven't had in a while.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fun Weekend

I have to say my time off was pretty fun. I went back home and was able to spend some good quality time with my 2 oldest girls and my parents.

I really enjoy spending time with my dad. It's pretty nice to go back out on the farm and even if its only for a day or so, to help him with some of the things he wanted to get accomplished. He has a small herd of goats and needed to work them and the kids they had so he can get ready to ween them. Let me tell you trimming hooves is no fun lol.

I was able to spend some good time separately with my two oldest daughters. I met the new boyfriend of the younger of the two. I was actually impressed with the lad, and that does take a little bit lol. This is the first boyfriend she has ever had and she is his first girlfriend so it should be interesting there.

My oldest daughters senior prom was this weekend. I took some great pictures of her and then went and help set up the after-prom party lock in. I swear the kids these days clean house. Back in my day, we went out in the country and drank ourselves silly, but that was quite a while back lmao.

The kids got a pleasant surprise when they were entertained by the ventriloquist and magician that was hired. That act made their night from what I could tell. Those guys had a blast with the kids.

So now I am back in my truck, waiting to pick up my load in the morning so I can get back on the road. But I do have some great memories from this last weekend.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Day

Today was a pretty good day for me. I was able to get unloaded a little quicker than I figured.

I ran into a few problems when I arrived to pick up my next load. It was a simple load. Drop the empty trailer and pick up the preloaded one. Well there was such a huge line at the distribution center what should have taken 15-30 min took over an hour.

I was able to drive some good distance today. I haven't driven that far in a while, 632 miles in 11 hours. That's a very good average and I was able to get quite a ways like I used to drive.

Now if they can continue to give me loads like this I'll be happy lol.

I'll be happy to get home this weekend so I can see my daughters, and see my oldest one off on her senior prom.

Do they have to grow up so quick?

On top of that my oldest son, who is 20, is currently at summer camp for his guard unit as they prepare to go to Afghanistan. We have talked more on the phone than I can ever remember. He calls me often for advice since I served in a combat zone. I do remind him that it was over 5 years ago and things have changed a little, but its nice he asks. At times I wish I was there with him to show him etc but I know I couldn't do that, it would feel like I was hovering and I have to let him go do it. Next month is my last drill for me being in the national guard. I know I'll miss it some but its time to hand it off to the young guys.