Tuesday, July 28, 2009

End of Summer Semester

Hi all, I know its been quite a while for an update here but I've been pretty busy.  First off, I finally finished the summer semester with my two online classes and I made B's in both classes.  Bad thing is if I would have gotten my last English paper turned in time I would have gotten an A out of it lol.  The bad thing is that I felt like I was just BSing my way through the assignments and I was getting great scores!  With my intro to CJ class I found an easy way to get through the tests on that one.  The only bad thing I have to say about my online classes was that it didn't seem like I got alot of feedback on assignments so I didn't have a very good idea what I was doing right and wrong there.

Other than that, I went and saw my boys down in Texas.  Kenzie went with me down there and we had a blast over the weekend.  I seem to be getting things slowly set up such as getting my finances for school finally lined out and things of that nature.

Well enough for now, I'll see everyone later!