Friday, January 22, 2016

New MF GC1720

I have been meaning to post pictures and a review of our latest addition on the place. We purchased a MF GC1720 with some nice attachments. It comes with a front end loader and small backhoe that is easy to remove. We also got a 4' tiller and 4' brush hog to go with it.

Here are a few pics.

We also have a few older implements that will work on it. The tractor has a 25 hp engine and is 4 wheel drive. It can do a lot more than you figure lol. There are a few more things I want to get for it like a post hole digger but it is a nice little machine.

She does have a name too, "Red haired Sally".

New Fence and Gate

Wow, I can't believe it has been a year since I have posted. For that I sincerely apologize as we have had a lot going on in the last year. The oil bust hit us pretty hard causing me to seek other stable employment but that's enough about me.

The fence I started has finally been completed!  It was a fun venture and we have gotten a lot more done since then.  We put a gate in at the road. We have also been repairing the current older fences on the property or rebuilding them.

Here are some pics.

We hope to get everything fixed/repaired soon so that we don't have to worry about our dogs wandering around and give us the ability to start getting a few larger critters. 

That's all for now so see ya later!