Saturday, April 24, 2010

Surprises at Work

Hello everyone this blog is going to be a very unusual one to say the least so I hope you can bear with me.

I am the Interim Chief for the city of Waynoka now.

Now to suffice I will say how this happened exactly is not important nor will I give any details to speak of. The biggest portion being once I was called into the council chamber during executive session, I was in there for over 30 minutes before agreeing to take it.

Now I will admit this was something I had considered I would want a few more years down the road where I feel I would have a good amount of experience. Right now I only have 2 years in law enforcement. I am the type of person that once I am given a position of responsibility, I go into it using all of my abilities to do the job as efficiently as possible. Bluntly put, I'm not one to do a job half-assed lol. It has taken a few days for my mind to fully wrap itself around doing this new job but I'm slowly starting to work into it now.

I do hope my abilities and accomplishments with this will allow me to retain the position full time down the road. But I can say all I can do is take things one day at a time and see how it goes.

On another note I have a few weeks of classwork left and should graduate May 14th at Redlands Community College. I am looking forward to finishing my associates degree but now depending on how my job goes and all, I think it will delay me starting my bachelors program for a little while here. Also depending on how the job goes will determine whether or not I will re-enlist one last time with the Guard. I would have 14 years in but I know I would feel extremely uncomfortable leaving on long training assignments or possible deployment so that would have a major factor in my decision there.

Monday, April 19, 2010

An open form poem for class

I hope I haven't been boring everyone too much with posting my work from school here. I promise to posting some other thoughts soon lol.

The Traffic Stop

you see the lights flashing red and blue
as you pull over to the side
a few deep breaths you take as he walks up
mystified you roll down your window
he requests your license and verification
you fumble around as you dimly hear
your speed was excessive and we go from here

He walks back to those flashing lights
the fear and trepidation in you grows
you think back wondering how this could happen
and pray for any good ending
the time appears to creep by and you fidget more

you suddenly hear him approaching back
afraid to see what he might have in his hands
you hear him clear his voice and explain
the warning he must give

your heart skips a beat you feel so relieved
you listen and gladly sign
the warning he has issued you
instead of the fine

he bids you a good day and be safe
then turns and walks back to the lights
you regain your sense of self and breathe
while you slowly pull back onto the road

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A poem I wrote for class

Here is a sonnet I wrote for my Intro to Poetry class:

The Snakehunt Festival

The carnival sets up its fun filled rides
The lights are bright, and games are loud
A person just wanders from side to side
And he has the look of being proud

The hunters bring their prizes in
To be measured and weighed against another
They hope the grand prize they win
to be able to brag and boast to each other

The vendors set up their booth so bright
The beer and music flow out of the saloons
Booths stay open late at night
Everyone hopes to have fun lit by the moon

Officers take the rowdy to jail
and you dimly wonder if they will make bail.

Finally over lol

Well snakehunt was long for me. I did put in plenty of hours and it didn't seem like we were in enough places there. We had a new bar open up in town and they had a very good crowd. We were kept pretty busy with the 'duners' coming in and out of town there so that kept us hopping. We did have quite a few arrests for public intoxication and had a few fights. There were also a few people that decided to play with the rides after the carnival closed so we got to deal with that too. But our biggest problem was underage drinking, and it seemed like most of them were from a nearby city.

Like I said we were pretty busy and I'm glad it's over now, well chat with everyone later here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beginning of Snakehunt Weekend

Well tonight I go back to work after having a few days off. This weekend is the 64th annual Snakehunt Weekend here in my area. We are expecting a pretty good crowd this weekend so it will be fun to say the least. We will have some help from a few outside agencies but I know it will be extremely busy. As the weekend goes along if I run across anything cool or just outright funny I'll make sure I blog about it. I guess that's all for now so chat with ya later.