Monday, April 19, 2010

An open form poem for class

I hope I haven't been boring everyone too much with posting my work from school here. I promise to posting some other thoughts soon lol.

The Traffic Stop

you see the lights flashing red and blue
as you pull over to the side
a few deep breaths you take as he walks up
mystified you roll down your window
he requests your license and verification
you fumble around as you dimly hear
your speed was excessive and we go from here

He walks back to those flashing lights
the fear and trepidation in you grows
you think back wondering how this could happen
and pray for any good ending
the time appears to creep by and you fidget more

you suddenly hear him approaching back
afraid to see what he might have in his hands
you hear him clear his voice and explain
the warning he must give

your heart skips a beat you feel so relieved
you listen and gladly sign
the warning he has issued you
instead of the fine

he bids you a good day and be safe
then turns and walks back to the lights
you regain your sense of self and breathe
while you slowly pull back onto the road

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