Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Day

Today was a pretty good day for me. I was able to get unloaded a little quicker than I figured.

I ran into a few problems when I arrived to pick up my next load. It was a simple load. Drop the empty trailer and pick up the preloaded one. Well there was such a huge line at the distribution center what should have taken 15-30 min took over an hour.

I was able to drive some good distance today. I haven't driven that far in a while, 632 miles in 11 hours. That's a very good average and I was able to get quite a ways like I used to drive.

Now if they can continue to give me loads like this I'll be happy lol.

I'll be happy to get home this weekend so I can see my daughters, and see my oldest one off on her senior prom.

Do they have to grow up so quick?

On top of that my oldest son, who is 20, is currently at summer camp for his guard unit as they prepare to go to Afghanistan. We have talked more on the phone than I can ever remember. He calls me often for advice since I served in a combat zone. I do remind him that it was over 5 years ago and things have changed a little, but its nice he asks. At times I wish I was there with him to show him etc but I know I couldn't do that, it would feel like I was hovering and I have to let him go do it. Next month is my last drill for me being in the national guard. I know I'll miss it some but its time to hand it off to the young guys.

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