Monday, February 28, 2011

Wacky Sleep Schedules

I delivered my load first thing this morning here in Columbus Ohio, and then waited, and waited for the company to dispatch me on another load.

I know its the nature of the beast here in trucking. The regulations for our logbook are pretty strict, and they are trying to make them worse..yay but I digress.

Right now I am running day to day in my log book. That means I have to watch my hours closely to make sure I don't go over. The company gave me a load going to Illinois, about a 5-6 hour run. Problem is that its not here yet. So taking a 10 hour break frees me up to be able to run this evening and tonight.

That's what I mean about crazy schedules. I'll admit, I love running nights. You have less traffic, its easier to find places etc. But to switch over in twelve hours to nights can be kinda rough.

So here I am, not tired at all, but need to get a few hours sleep at least. I know I can make the run as I am now, I'm used to the long days and I'm the type when I get in the groove to drive, I drive lol.

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