Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crazy Government Ideas 29 Jan 2011

You know, I hate to admit it, but our crazy government does have a decent idea once in a blue moon.

Now I'm not talking about the latest wild crap flying around. I'm talking about how they changed our logbook rules on us a few years back.

You see I'm the type of driver that when I 'get in the groove', I DRIVE. If I could get away with it I would be driving all of the time, with sleep breaks of course, but not really take any days off. I love what I do, and really enjoy driving.

When they first changed the rules on me I was like, 'what the hell? How can they tell me how to do this?' lol. Now once I got used to the rules, I saw the huge benefits in them, and to my surprise, didn't lose much if not any money with it. That was the most surprising thing of all. The company I drive for stresses logging everything legal and right. They stress this to the point you don't get very many chances to screw up before your terminated.

One of the new nice things about the rule changes was that companies now have to tell others why you were terminated, especially if it was safety related, such as wrecks, log books etc.

So I am taking a 'day off'. 34 hours to be exact here so that I can reset my logbook for another week of fun running. I am currently sitting in Virginia on I81 where the scenery is beautiful, and relaxing. I have been able to take a nap..(NO! that's unheard of lmao) clean the truck up some, and just.....relax.

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