Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Clean the Snow! 27 Jan 2011

Ok, I do have a small rant for the day. After I delivered my load I went to go pick up my next load which was on a preloaded trailer. The directions were kinda sketchy and the roads were snowpacked so I was driving fairly slow.

Ok the shipper I'm going to is up a small incline. I start up ait and I'm doing fairly decent until I feel the truck stall out and spin the tires. I knew I was a done chicken at that point.

Here is a quick physics lesson for ya. As you drive up a hill, gravity will shift the weight towards the lowest point. Well that lowest point was the end of my trailer which meant what little weight that was on the truck was no longer there.

I spent time trying to get up the incline before giving up and broke out the snow chains we are required to carry for the Rocky Mountains, but from what I can tell they aren't required for the East Coast. Well I'm glad I had them.

After grumbling about putting on chains I got them on and was able to move right up the hill.

Now my rant is that this facility had 3 pieces of equipment sitting next to the building that could clear the driveway of snow. That and I'm sure the security guards were getting a nice laugh about my antics on the hill there. That's the part that irritated me. They had the ability to clear it, but were just too damn lazy to do it.

Ok, I'm done now, that was the only low point of the day for me.(other than the slow driving due to the snow lol)

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