Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snowstorm, round 2 8 Feb 2011

Well the voodoo witch doctors, I mean the local weatherman are predicting lots of snow for the wonderful state of Oklahoma again here tonight and tomorrow?

I'm really hoping these guys are a little off their numbers this time. I mean shoot, I guess they can be right once in a great while but lets not push the luck and make it two in a row! I think they have just barely gotten most of the roads and side streets cleared from the last dump of snow we got last week lol.

Another reason I'm hoping they are a little off is that I'm sitting here in Tulsa right now. I have a load that has a few more drops here, then I get to make my way down to OKC and finish up there. The problem is the fact the cargo I am carrying has absolutely no weight to it! Which means if the roads get messy I'll be skating all over the place, might have to actually use the snow chains I carry (shudder, I HATE chaining up lol) and will just flat out not be a fun day of driving.

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