Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Blizzard 31 Jan 2011

Well as we all know, here shortly,(or now depending on when your reading this blog lol) a massive storm system starts its ugly march across the US.

Listening to the news they say it has the potential to impact 100 million people in 29 states. Wow, that's a third of the population there. And they are not talking about a dusting here, its suppose to dump a foot of snow. One of the other dangers is the possible ice that will precede it. If that happens you can count on losing some power there folks.

And right now, I'm sitting outside of one place I hate as a truck driver...New York City. I have never had anything good happen when I have to deliver here. Thankfully I can count on one hand how many times I have been here in the 13+ years I have driven lol.

So the question I do pose to you, what snowstorm in your childhood do you remember being close to this?

For me I remember a system back around '76 that seemed to have dumped well over a foot of snow. I remember my brother and I digging snow tunnels and building snow forts. The snowball fights we had were epic! And the sledding was awesome!

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