Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Deeds 10 Feb 2011

I remember reading on another blog that someone was talking about how a simple smile can spread to other people doing good deeds and it can turn into a snowball effect.

Well I had to go meet my son not too far from where I'm staying this weekend. After chatting with him and getting a few items he brought to me, I headed back.

Driving back I saw a guy that was on the side of the road slowly digging his work van out. Well I drive a nice 4x4 truck and carry a nice long chain. I pulled up and asked him if he wanted to be pulled out. He told me he didn't have anything to repay me with and I told him he didn't need it. In no time we had the van back on firm ground. He once again asked what I wanted and I told him nothing, and to have a great day.

Now the road at this spot is narrowed down to about one lane of traffic due to the blowing snowdrifts etc. Nope the city hasn't cleared the side streets yet. Well while I was pulling him out, another car wanting to go the other way got impatient I guess and what do they do? They pull through the parking lot and out the same way where he was stuck. Anyone wanna guess what happened? That's right, they got their car stuck, high centered on the snow.

I sat there for a few seconds looking the situation over after the van left, and shaking my head turned around and pulled up to them, assisting them out with a pull. They thanked me for getting them out (they were a couple of old gentlemen in the car, poor guys) and I headed back to where I was staying.

So I did not only one good deed, but two for the day. The funny thing is that one of those was caused by someone being impatient, but I couldn't be that mean and leave them stuck lol.

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