Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Breakdowns....ugh 30 Jan 2011

Ok, let me start off by saying if I'm broke down due to my neglect that is something entirely different. But I do have a gripe when drivers drop off equipment that they know is broke and in need of repair.

A person would think, that if he has a piece of equipment that he is responsible for, he will make sure it is in good shape for the next person. That would be the responsible thing to do, the RIGHT thing to do.

I have picked up trailers that were empty and in need of repair, and I made sure they had those repairs so the next driver wouldn't be hindered. It's part of the job. I have done this many many times, sometimes bouncing between 2-3 trailers being taken to the shop etc before getting a good one.

What I despise are drivers that leave broken equipment. That messes up my timetable on my trip planning to get the load to its destination safely. When I trip plan, I usually plan in time for breakdowns so I am not pressured to 'skip' that step.

I can say the company does not take a good attitude towards drivers that leave broken equipment if its not reported. They will get wrote up on it and if it happens too much will be terminated. We just don't need those type of people in the company.

So here is my rant on breakdowns, sorry you guys had to suffer through that. Maybe I'll think of something cool to talk about later lol.

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