Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ponderings 15 Feb 2011

One of the good, and potentially bad things about my line of work is that I have plenty of time to think about things. Now depending on what I am listening to can sometimes trigger different things. While driving, I do listen to a wide variety of things from different music genders on my XM receiver, comedy, talk radio and even the trucker channel.

I do sometimes tend to over think things. It's a habit that I picked up while growing up on the farm. While running the tractor etc if I was presented a problem I would think it over and try to 'attack' it from every angle I could come up with before deciding on the solution I liked. One of the things that this has done for me unfortunately is that I sometimes do not respond right back to a person when I am asked a question. It's not that I heard you, but that my mind is going a mile a minute looking at all of those angles before I decide on what I would like to say or do. Because I am also the type of person once I make a decision I stick with it for good or for ill, its a done deal.

Where I am going with this right now I have no clue, its just been something that was bouncing around my head today and I needed to get it out lol.

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