Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sexuality, what does it mean?

Today I had a very interesting discussion with a very dear friend of mine. We got on the topic of sexuality.

Now first off, I do know that everyone does have their own opinion, or version of Sexuality.  With that being said, here is what I consider it.

At this point and time in my life, I consider  a person's sexuality to be directly connected to that 'inner self'.  What I mean is that it is connected to their personality, how they portray themselves to the world, (and in their mind) and how they interact with others.  

For me, physical beauty plays a very little part in sexuality at this point in my life.

Now I'm sure why some of you are wondering why I keep referring to 'this point in my life'?  Its pretty simple.

We evolve as we get older.  What a 18-25 year old might consider a persons sexuality WILL be different than someone in the 40-45 range.  The reason?  LIFE.  That's right, those older whippersnappers have learned a thing or three through the years so they have adjusted their view of things accordingly.  Now before you say it, yes, there are those few that NEVER grow up, and I understand that.

A younger person might consider sexuality to be directly connected with beauty, and little else.  That's fine.  They haven't experienced any wonderful lessons life has had to offer at them at this point.  Once they start learning those lessons, they should adjust how they view and define things.

I'll use my friend as an example.  We have known each other for oh, 14 years or so.  I can honestly say I can look back, and admit how my view of sexuality has changed over those years.  Bottom line?  In my eyes, her sexuality has INCREASED over the years as she has grown and expanded her knowledge, and that has affected how her personality has changed. 

It's pretty interesting to look back and view things like that.  See what you thought 10 years ago vs what you think now.  Any person that says their view have not changed at all I call BS on.  Everyone changes their views, either for the better or worse.  If you try to tell me you haven't changed at all then you must have been living in a bubble.

So for me, sexuality is that person's inner being, their fire, their zest.  Yes a little is still connected to outer beauty, but that is more superficial.  One other thing you have to keep in mind, 'Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder'.

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