Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Love, accepting it...

One of my friends had an interesting poll the other day that got me to thinking, which can be very dangerous lol.

 She asked, 'in life we accept the love we think we deserve, true or false'. But she then followed it up with a zinger, are you getting the love you deserve, or not accepting all of the love out there.

Now lets break this down. I'm sure most would think that we would accept the love we deserve, because heck, we deserve it all. In fact we want more than is offered usually, and that's where the problems can ensue.

 When you want more, you go out seeking someone to provide it. The problem is, you rarely find it. What a person should do is continue to build on that foundation of love that they are currently receiving to expand it, not go looking over the horizon for more. Also, you have to keep in mind, love is a two-way street. The other person needs to know about and feel the same level of passion you do so they too can expand upon it.

 You see, it should be a self-sustaining circle, growing and expanding on itself. Now I'm not saying you can't love more than one. We are human and we have many people in our lives. What I am saying though is that there should be a positive feedback from the ones that you do love.

 If your trying to spread your net far and wide, to get love, but your not giving any back, you will find yourself in a pretty lonely place. So its pretty clear to me what a person should do.

 How do you feel about this subject?

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  1. You said ... If your trying to spread your net far and wide ... I have seen people do that and they are 'spreading' the love thinly.

    I can love a thousand or million people but I don't know if I can ever have a love as big as the love I have for Cowboy. We have loved one another since 1980 and it grows bigger, better and stronger every day. You are right that our love expands :)