Thursday, October 11, 2012

Honesty and Excuses

Ok, one of my bigger pet peeves is when someone does not seem to be honest with me. Tie that in with excuses and it gets even worse.

What do I mean by that?  Let me break it down.

On the honesty part, I would much rather have the 'gut wrenching' honest truth than have someone give me a 'little white lie'.  Lies always build.  They usually start off small, but then grow as you have to add to it to keep it going.

Yes, the truth can hurt, but I would rather deal with that pain in the short term, than deal with the lie WHEN, not if, it is discovered and exposed.  You see, that's the other thing about lies, they are always exposed at some point in time.  No one can keep a lie going forever, but the longer it goes the more hurtful it can be.

Now for excuses.  Yes, I realize things come up in life, at work, heck just out of nowhere.  The problem with excuses is when the same one, or same type of excuse is used over and over again.

Do you remember  reading the fairy tale, 'The little boy who cried wolf'?  This goes right along that same concept.  After the same excuse, or same series is used time and time again, it is less believable.  Now I'm not saying it couldn't be true, but perception would be that it's less believable because of the excessive use.  I also know that people do tend to get themselves into 'situations', but when you see that your using the same excuse over and over, maybe its time to re-evaluate things and get yourself out of that situation.

Combining these two can be pretty devastating.  Like I said before, I would rather have someone be completely honest with me.  The problem is when there are the same constant excuses, its also a hit on the honesty part.  The reason being, is that the person is not being honest with me, or themselves about the situation they are in.  By using that line of logic, if your using the same type of excuse over and over, your not being completely honest, which begs to ask what else your not being honest about.

I'm getting tired, worn out, of trying to figure out with people if they are truly 'crying wolf'' or if they are being completely honest with me in these type of situations.  I'm to the point where if I have someone I think is doing this, I might need to cut them loose and move on.  This kind of 'what if'' thinking can really be taxing on a person.

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