Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Truck pictures as promised

I was finally able to get my truck clean, and take a few decent shots of it with my camera so I could post just how sharp this thing can look.  I also did promise in another post to do this so here it is.

On another note, I have been looking at having an APU installed on the truck.  What is an APU? Its an Auxiliary Power Unit that will help keep my truck cool in the summertime, warm in the winter and keep the batteries charged up without idling the truck.  Idling a truck can be pretty hard on the engine as you will shorten the life of it through wear and tear.  The APU is much more cost efficient to run and uses a fraction of the fuel that idling does.  Using various calculations my estimated savings with running an APU in fuel alone will be over 9k.  That doesn't include the savings that I will get from the wear and tear of not needing to idle my truck.  The APU I will go with is the Dynasys APU manufactured by Hodyon.

auxiliary power unit, apuTheir site if you want to look over things is hodyon.com

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