Monday, July 23, 2012

Atlas Shrugged, a very interesting book

The above picture is a movie poster from the upcoming movie, Atlas Shrugged part II. Now how about we dive into the book for a minute.
      Atlas Shrugged was written by Ayn Rand, who was a Russian immigrant that came to the US after communism took over her country. It took quite a while for her writing career to take off and her greatest work was Atlas Shrugged. The book has quite a bit of detail in it and some very interesting lessons. I will say how I try to boil it down here really won't do it any justice so you are better off going and reading it.
      In the book the country has been in the grip of a rather long recession (sound familiar yet?). The government is in the process of taking over or 'over-regulating' all business to try and make things 'fair and equal'(are we getting closer?). In her book there is an unknown 'destroyer' going around who meets up one by one with the last few successful businessmen in the country, and one by one they slowly disappear throwing the country into more turmoil as the government takes more control. These men also seem to disappear as capitalism is slowly whittled away by the over-regulations and government take-overs which spirals everything out of control at a faster pace.
      The one thing you can look at back in history is that when a government moves in to take this kind of control, society really doesn't last very long after that point, it WILL collapse in one way shape or form. Now in her book you have a few people in business that hold out to the very bitter end, but must finally admit defeat. They join the other creators and capitalists, waiting for the system that the government created to destroy itself before they move back in and offer their assistance to rebuilding the country in its proper form. We are a free society. That is how this nation was founded with the ability to have free will. When the government makes the attempt to take this away, even for 'our own good and welfare' our system will not be able to sustain it and by going down that road it will crumble. The scariest thing right now is that for all practical purposes, it appears that we are headed down that scary path right now. I think the more the government tries to regulate everything and make things 'fair' for everyone this slide will pick up momentum and speed. I am hoping we are not past the point of no return on this, and I feel this next election will show us if we are or not.
      I know this is entirely my personal opinion on the subject, but I do dare you to pick up the book, or just see the movies, take in the message that they speak and compare it to our society today.

 Visit the Official Atlas Shrugged Movie Web Site! This site might give you a start on where you might want to start your journey if so inclined.

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