Sunday, July 15, 2012

Things that seem to snowball.

Well, I know its been quite a while since I have posted, heck a year! Things have seemed to have been going decent at this point. I had decided last month to go back into training drivers to see how well that would work out. I went out with my first student and it appeared that things were fine until this morning. I allowed him to stay with a girlfriend and asked him to meet me back at the truck early so we could get our load delivered.... He never showed back up. After blowing a gasket the company went and officially pulled him off of my truck. When they did that I lost out on a series of great paying loads and was given one that was decent at best. Now for the snowball, as it really picks up steam here. One of main reasons I was ticked was that he never called, or returned my calls so I would know what was up. In my work environment I am a big stickler on keeping communication going. I like to think I am the same way with my personal life. I found out how profoundly wrong I was in that regard.
      I'll admit when someone says they will call me back, its something I do look forward to. I do understand that things do pop up from time to time but constantly on an almost everyday basis? That's taking it too far. Well I went and messaged a great friend and found out very quick how crappy of a friend I have been to them.
      One of the good (or bad things depending) about driving a truck is that it gives you plenty of time to think things over, through, across, under... you get the picture. Well I think I have been slowly losing friendships this way over the course of the year without realizing it until today when it felt like I got the cold shoulder. I'll admit it was a huge slap in the face, and I realize that I have probably screwed up that friendship, and honestly, that hurts....a lot.
      I like to think that I value my friendships and losing them like this hurts more than I have ever really felt. So what to do about it? Right now I have absolutely no clue. I'm very unsure whether or not this friendship is recoverable or not. I know either way I have to move on, and I will say I am hoping it is recoverable. There is a lesson to be learned here. DON'T TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED!!!!! You never know when you might lose it.

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