Monday, July 16, 2012

Roadside Ponderings

I was cruising up I65 here in Indiana today when I came across a nasty traffic accident. An 18 wheeler had crossed the median, taking out that poor cable barrier they have and ended up in the ditch facing traffic. One other vehicle, an SUV was damaged by the cables I believe as there was no damage to the truck. This scene took them a few hours to clear out so we all got to sit and wait for emergency response to do their job.
     Now I can appreciate what they do since I have worked my fair share of scenes when I was a law enforcement officer. I decided to turn on the CB to hear what the other truckers were chatting about. A good portion of it was people warning others of the scene, a few talking of other things, and one other.
      Its the one other that got me to thinking. I was sitting at the very front, heck I had a front row seat to the workers that were hustling about clearing the accident. Periodically there would be one individual that would keep telling drivers that 'the line was moving now' or 'it will be a few more minutes'.... things of that nature. What is it with some people that seem to need to fill a need to just outright lie? I decided to look it up and do you know what? There is a condition called Mythomania. Now why doesn't this surprise me? Reading about it is not very encouraging. It seems that the doctors are having a hard time trying to deal with this condition and how to treat it.
       I'll admit, over the years I have seen what even a little white lie can do to relationships. Also, being a former LEO, I got to deal with lies on a constant basis it seemed lol. I know I have always strived to tell the truth, even if it might hurt, and I expect the same out of those around me. To me its much better to be based in reality vs your own little created world. Lies are hard to keep up with, and if you keep building on the lies they just get even worse. The human brain really isn't wired very well to keep track of lies stacked like that. A person has to work harder just to keep everything straight, so it doesn't take much to trip them up on it. So the biggest question is, 'Why do people continue to do it, or even believe them when they hear a lie?'

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