Friday, July 20, 2012

General Stereotypes

                                                   Warning, Warning Rant Ahead!!!
      This morning I was looking through my Facebook timeline and there is something that I have noticed. There are quite a few people out there that like to take ONE specific example and put it up against ONE specific example of their liking to try and prove their point. Let me state that this is not a slam on any specific group but of ALL groups that use this tactic. Do you honestly THINK that the average person out there is going to see that and automatically agree with your point of view? Ten years ago that might have been the case, but with today's media a large percentage of the population is a lot well more informed than what they were even 10 let alone 20 years ago.
      I know that with myself I always try to dig up as much information on what I am looking at before I make a decision on it. I'll admit, there are still quite a few lazy people out there in the world that won't do their own research but you know what? They were out there 20 years ago, and that is the small segment of the population that will never change in that regard. One of the other things that the people that use General Stereotypes use is taking a small part of the statement, or even worse taking the statement completely out of context. I like to take the WHOLE statement that was given, the person's history on how they speak and what they truly believe and then make an informed decision about it.
      Here again the people that use that tactic have yet to figure out they are actually losing more people to 'their side' than they gain by doing it. We are a more well informed public now. So to those that like to do this.... give it up. Why don't you try something original, you know, like an actual DEBATE on the subject and bring your backing information for your view, not just your opinion and/or feelings. Ok...Rant over, have a great day all.

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