Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wacky Weather

I swear I'm going to hunt down that groundhog and skin him alive, or should that happen to his human interpreters lol.

Anyway the weather here lately has been plain crazy out here.  Part of the day you can be in wonderful 70 degree weather, then by the end of the day its below freezing with blowing snow, go figure.

So who pissed of Mother Nature? Seriously lol

I'm sitting here in York Nebraska waiting for them to open the roads back up so we can move on.  I can already tell its going to be a 'traffic nightmare' as soon as they give us the green light.  When I took this load I knew there was a small chance I might get caught by the weather.  Well, I lost that bet.

The thing that is killing this area right now is not snow, but the freezing rain that fell.  They are just not equipped to clear up ice off of the roads up here right now.  The other problem is that there are rumors of another storm possibly moving into the area.

I'll admit, I haven't listened to the CB in a long time and it has been interesting listening to some of those guys as I watch the weather on the computer here.  There are still quite a few idiots out there I swear.

I am glad though that I drive for a company that does not push the issue when they are told how bad the conditions are.  They actually put out a message about how the roads were in a five state region, letting us know to shut down if possible.  It's easier to reschedule a load vs pulling it out of a ditch somewhere.

Well, back to the radio entertainment.  I hope everyone stays warm.

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