Monday, April 8, 2013

Gun control, one step closer to losing all of our freedoms?

I have to admit this debate has gotten pretty old.  This week our 'leaders' in Washington are attempting to push gun control legislation through Congress.

One of the main problems I have with this though, is the FACT that we have many laws on gun control, registration etc currently on the books that are NOT being enforced.

Take for example the simple fact of lying on the background check form when you purchase a firearm from a FFL dealer.  That is a FEDERAL felony.  In 2010, nearly 80,000 were denied by the system.  Do you know how many convictions there were from those 80,000?  44...... Yes a whole 44 convictions were made from what should be considered an 'open and shut case'.

Some say the system is broken, that it doesn't work properly.  Well, if the background check system in its current form isn't working properly, don't you think you should fix that BEFORE adding an additional workload with the so called, 'universal background check'?

Technically, the power to regulate weapons is suppose to be a STATE power, not a federal power.  Many states have already passed good, (and bad) laws for their areas.  I believe a state has just a slightly better idea what its citizens want to be done within its borders vs the overreaching federal government who wants to do a 'blanket approach' to the whole country.  I'm sorry but it has been proven time and time again when you try this approach it just flat doesn't work.

Heck, take the trucking industry for example.  There are SO MANY different segments or types of trucking out here that trying to use one huge blanket approach just doesn't work.  For example, the NW part of the US allows heavier trucks to run on the roads.  Those same trucks would not be able to safely do it in the NE part of the country where there is a huge population density, and the road conditions are different.  But right now there is a push to raise the weight standards across the board.  It doesn't work everywhere.

The same goes with the different gun laws.  What works in Oklahoma, my home state, might not work as well in others.  But you know what?  That is for the citizens of that state to decide, not an over reaching federal government that refuses to even simply balance a budget let alone run anything else.

So the crux of the matter I think is simple.  FIX the current background check system, ENFORCE the current laws, and allow the states to adjust their laws as they see fit an move on.

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