Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The end of the run

Ok, this one is going to cover a few things lol.  I am coming up to the end of my standard '3 week run' that I normally do when I'm driving out here.

I had discovered that 3 weeks allows me to make a good living vs coming in every 2 weeks which can shorten the paychecks.  4 weeks is just too long to stay out here, it will drive you nuts.

One of the bad things though about staying out for 3 weeks is that it severely limits what I would have for a social life.  I keep telling myself that its no big deal, the person for me is out there I just need to find them, but at times I do wonder.  Heck, the last two relationships I was in, my ex's are now either married or engaged.  I can look at it in two ways, either I was that last bump or stop before they found who they needed, or I am just that bad.

I would like to try and look at the positive portion of that, but its hard at times.  I have times when I just want to throw in the towel and become the reclusive 'truck driver cat guy' that everyone whispers about but that's just not me.

You would think with social media it would help make things easier to find someone, but what I am seeing is that it almost makes it harder.  There are so many scammers, idiots, users etc out there that a person can quickly get burned out and I'm no exception.

Right now though, all I know to do is to continue to improve my business, and hope someone does by chance come my way.

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