Saturday, August 25, 2012

An interesting direction

I have to say you never know when something interesting will drop by. Here today a few owner operators and I were discussing some issues privately online. Out of the blue we have all came to the consensus that we needed a more official organization for the things we are talking about.

Now I have to say this is surprising as this type of thing had been suggested before but was either shot down, or no  one made any real moves with it.

I am a firm believer in that things do happen at certain times for a reason.  The key is to be able to recognize that it is happening and let it flow and see what comes out of it.  It's the same concept that you have certain people that either come into your life, or re-appear at the right time to help you through a situation.  A person just has to be able to recognize the fact and let it happen.

That's how I feel about this current item.  I feel it is at the cusp, the breaking point of suddenly flowing and turning into something that could be really fun, and helpful in our lives.  Here is to hoping I see more signs such as this and recognize them for what they are.

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