Thursday, August 23, 2012

Political Ponderings...the upcoming GOP Convention

I swear, sometimes you have to just laugh your butt off when you read about politics today. I mean, shoot a person has to wonder how some of these people really think, other than the 'do as I say, not as I do'.

What I mean by this is the wonderful example going around with the liberal pundits stating it would be an 'act of God' for Isaac, who has a high potential of turning into a hurricane, to wreck the GOP convention in Tampa.

This is coming from the side that wants you to respect their rights, their sexuality, but how DARE you believe in any type of religion.  They want a society without that kind of icky stuff such as religion, morals etc.

But when it suits them, they will use that kind of language all day long.  Like I said, this is coming from a group who really doesn't have a religious bone to speak of.  Yes I know I am generalizing, as there are always some out there that are religious and spiritual.  But if you look at not only the main media pundits, but also the twitter feeds etc, you have the liberals making those kind of jokes.

I don't have an issue with jokes, what I have an issue with is when you turn the tables on them as a group and do the same thing to them.  When it happens, they scream bloody murder and throw the hissy fit of all hissy fits.  Another wards, they can't take what they give out.

So what do I say to these type of people?  Grow some thick skin, grow a set a balls and roll with the punches.  If you can't stand the heat when its brought down on you, get out of the oven.  Yeah there's quite a few sayings I could throw in here lol.

Now as far as the convention goes, I hear that the locals are preparing to throw one of their grand 'hurricane parties' along with the convention.  To be honest, I kinda wish I could go to this one just to be part of that.  Honestly I think it would be fun to have the convention, and party with a hurricane outside.  Afterwards, they could proclaim a new beginning, a clean slate to start with repairing the country and bring it back from the brink of economic collapse.

So do you know what........LETS PARTY!!!!

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