Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cohones...Do you have some?

I swear it seems that people are getting worse and worse about wanting to make a decision. Early this morning, I had a 6am appointment to get my truck loaded. There was a screw up yesterday with the shippers system and no one released the loads to be loaded today. They finally started loading me at about 12:45pm cst.

It took almost 6 HOURS for someone at the shippers corporate to grow a set and release the product.  It wasn't the fact that the product wasn't ready, or didn't pass quality control.  They were waiting for the 'big man' upstairs to finally give the order to release it.

In no way am I blaming the warehouse.  Those poor guys wanted to load the trucks and get them on their way.  They are now WAY behind schedule and they have to somehow make it up.

I know this is something that I have noticed here in the last 5 years just in life in general.  There are way too many people running around that don't want to make that 'big decision' or 'be on record'.  Really?  Your getting paid to do it, so just grow a damn pair.   If you make a bad decision, learn from it an move on.  So many people are afraid of making that 'bad decision' that they paint themselves into a corner where they won't make ANY decision.

I'm sorry, to me that is just plain worse.  I'd rather make a bad decision, and be able to learn from it than be frozen in 'fear' and not make any decision at all.

Quit being so damn indecisive America.  Grow a pair, and use them!  Like I said before if its not a good decision, LEARN from it and move on.  The same thing goes for those good or great decisions.  You learn from those too.  But when you don't make any decisions, your just spinning your wheels, hoping someone will do it for you so you don't have to be accountable.

So in closing, take control of your life, grow a pair if you don't have any, and USE them.   Make decisions, move forward....LIVE.

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