Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Vintage Rival Shred-O-Mat

A little while back Jennifer's mom had found this little gem to the left at a garage sale for 3 dollars and bought it for her to have.

Well today she decided she wanted to use it so she could can some pickles.  The problem was that we couldn't get the blades to lock in.

So I took it apart and not finding anything that looked like it was out of place, put it back together and still couldn't get it to work.

I then went to my laptop and started a search for this old dinosaur.  The problem was that I could pull up all sorts of different models and types of shredders but nothing on this one.

After looking around I finally found a few pictures of one and was able to look at the gearing mechanism inside where you lock in the blades.

I saw that the one we had didn't match the way it looked in the picture.  It took me more than a few minutes after tearing it back down to realize that one piece was 'out of time'.  What I mean by that was there was more than one way this piece could go in, but only one right way.

It took me a few minutes of messing around with it to figure out how it should go in and finally put it back together.  Now we have a working shredder that Jennifer will be able to use instead of it just taking up space in the cabinet lol.


  1. I love this thing.. Mom has one I used all the time growing up. I was thrilled when she found one for me.

  2. Congratulations on your shredder find, this manual shredders come in handy. And you found it at a great deal.