Monday, June 2, 2014

Cleaning up the yard....

I think this guy would have been very helpful for Jennifer when she started to mow this morning.

I went and got our trusty weed eater and started to knock down the forest I allowed to grow up here recently.

After two tank fill ups and two string refills, I got the majority of it knocked down.  It took me about as long to weed eat everything as it took Jennifer to get the yard and driveway mowed.

There was a lot more to do than what I thought and I know I missed a few spots.  But if I stay up on it I should be able to get through it a little faster next time.

Our yard has been growing like crazy down here in Eastern Texas.  So far this year the weather has been pretty cool compared to the average.  I'm pretty sure that has been affecting the garden as far as the state it is currently in.  Jennifer estimates that it is 'behind' about 2 weeks from where it traditionally has been.

Don't get me wrong, the moisture has been great for it so we haven't had to water near as much but I'm sure there will be a trade-off there somewhere.

Just as a contrast on how different areas are I know when I left Oklahoma a few weeks ago the family farm up there was dry enough that the grass never really got green.  The mower might need to be used once up there to knock down some of the more persistent weeds but that's it.  They are still in some pretty bad drought conditions up there in the NW part of the state.  That is why I am very grateful for the rain we have been getting down here.

When Jennifer looked at the garden earlier it looked like we had some more green beans that needed to be picked so I'm sure that's what we will be doing around sun down when it cools off.  It should be interesting to see how many we get this round.


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