Friday, June 6, 2014

Idiot Drivers and Confusing Bosses

Boy I had a hell of a day at work today.   Come to think about it I'm still at work so the day isn't done yet lol.

At any rate I had to get up early this morning so we could take the pump truck to one of our larger yards to get some welding done.

So there I am driving along, minding my own business when I approach a spot where the road splits. I had a jacked up black Chevy right on my butt since our trucks won't run that fast. I guess the idiot was in a hurry so before I knew it he passes me on the shoulder then cuts me off getting back over. I go and twitch the steering wheel over to miss him and I'm headed right for a sign at that Y intersection.

Now keep in mind our pump trucks are very top heavy weighing over 83K so you don't want to make sudden moves. Instead of swerving back into my lane which could have caused me to damage a 2 million dollar piece of equipment I try to miss the sign but it takes out my passenger mirror and damages the exhaust stack.

I call it in and get a police report done and I expect the worst from my district manager about the damage.

We get to the yard and get everything fixed. When I go talk to him he hears my story and really doesn't say much. But when he talks to me about a few safety violations I had on the job I get my butt chewed for not wearing my ear protection all the time.

He was more irritated about that than the damage to the truck. I swear I will never understand

Now we are sitting on a rig site waiting to pump our job so I guess I get to sleep later.  I do know one thing I'm worn out today whew.

All I have to say about the idiot driver is that I hope karma catches up with them. 

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