Sunday, December 1, 2013

Round 2......

Well this weekend was a lot of fun.  We had family and friends down for Thanksgiving and a Wedding on Saturday.

I have to say it did get interesting for a little while.  I got called out on a job at 11 pm the night before which put me in jeopardy in not getting back in time.  Where I work I technically don't go on days off til 8 am in the morning so I had to go out.  The company was good though and they got a relief driver out to where I was at as soon as he was available so I was able to rush back in time to get ready.

We had a late Thanksgiving lunch, then afterwards a short and sweet to the point wedding.

The reason the title above says Round 2 is that this is the second time Jennifer and I have gotten married to each other.  We were married the first time, (in Vegas which was interesting) in 2001.  Unfortunately we went our separate ways a few years later, but I think we both had some growing we had to do.  We both agree that we don't ever want to go through anything like this again so we are stuck with each other lol.

We are a pretty good fit for each other, she is very independent, loves to garden and just comes up with all sorts of cool little projects to do around the house.  She loves to play in the dirt but can get all prettied up in no time flat.  We both want to be more self sufficient in life and now we can help each other work towards that.

Well that's all for now, chat with everyone later.


  1. I have heard of people doing that but never actually knew anyone who did. I hope it works out for the two of you. No reason it shouldn't.

    1. Thanks Harry, and your right, there is no reason it shouldn't. We are both now a little older and wiser than a decade ago and I believe our priorities are in line with each other.

  2. so happy for both of you Quinten!