Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A White Christmas?

I will let my friend to the right keep the snow if he wants it.  In my line of work it just makes working outside that much more 'fun' lol.

So how many are hoping for a White Christmas?  I have tried to look at the extended forecasts but it seems to change every day.

I swear, the 'voodoo witch-doctor forecasters' as I affectionately call them can't seem to get it nailed down.

There are times when the Farmers Almanac is a lot more accurate, not to mention the old timers in your area.
This Christmas looks like it will be a very good one for the family this year.  I know the boys can't wait to open gifts, they have been asking each day if they can just open 'one' gift.  To say they are excited is an understatement lol.

So how has your Christmas been shaping up?


  1. Quinten,

    There is suppose to be snow for us this Christmas. We are just having a very simple Christmas with a nice meal and family. Have a white Christmas and stay warm!!!! Let the boys open one gift!!!!

  2. May be some snow in the Blue Ridge mountains here, but it shouldn't be a lot. Been plenty cold though.