Monday, October 21, 2013

Cooler weather ahead....

Sometimes its the simple little things in life that can excite you like our friend here to the left.

Well the fall weather has finally arrived and I have discovered that what few winter clothes I have are still in storage lol.

I went out on one of our jobs when the temperature was in the mid 30's and quickly figured out I needed to repack my 'work' bag.

My work bag has 3 changes of clothes, toiletries, (baby wipes etc) and a nice little food stash.  You never know how long a person will be stuck out on one of our job sites, or bounce from one to another.  The job can definitely give you plenty of hours that's for sure lol.

I have to admit I have tried to ignore what our 'government' has been doing in the last few weeks because it all just completely ticks me off.  Other than a few up there that are trying to bring things to like and change things it is just the same status quo.  When you pay close attention there isn't a bit of difference between either parties 'Carrier Politicians'.  They like to vote things in for 'the common good' but if you notice they exempt themselves from it.  If its so good why do they do that?  To me that's a monster warning sign saying that its not as good as they like us to believe.  Enough about politics though.

I am excited about getting things together this winter so we can have a spring garden.  It has been a very long time since I have worked any type of garden but I look forward to it.

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  1. Getting cold here too. Down in the thirties at night, first frost is supposed to be in on Wednesday. Might be a bad winter.