Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A week long orientation...

I have been down here in southern Oklahoma for orientation since Sunday night.  I have to admit I haven't been through a week long orientation course ever.  The longest was 3 days lol.

That isn't to say that a week isn't needed.  We have covered quite a bit but there is still more to go over.  I never realized fully how much Halliburton pays attention to safety and detail.  We have a few more safety courses to take before things will be wrapping up.  They really do try to take care of their people.

The crazy thing is that none of the stuff we are going over this week is even remotely related to the job I will be doing.  I will start to cover that next week when I get back to the camp or 'location' I will be working out of.  Things are shaping up pretty interesting.

I know I am missing everyone back at home quite a bit and I can't wait to get back there when I finally leave here Friday.

The weather has been pretty nice and I am really enjoying this nice fall weather.  I hope it continues like this as the heat was getting a little old lol.

Well I have some homework to finish that they sent home with us so I better get busy.  Later!!

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