Monday, November 4, 2013

A slow change in the population...

For the longest time anyone that even thought about being prepared for any bad times was considered like the guy to the left there.  A little nuts, off his rocker...the black sheep.  Oh wait that kinda sounds like me but  I digress lol.

Here recently I have been reading more articles such as this one I have linked.

The 'movement' if you want to call it that has been steadily gaining steam and a little more mainstream.  Are there areas or populations that will still think you are nuts?  Of course there are, there always will be but overall from what I can tell more people are wanting to be prepared for the 'bad times'.

I also want to believe that more people are looking back and going back to their 'roots'.  50 years ago, heck 30 years ago having a store of food was common for quite a few people.  As a child I have many memories of canning out of the family garden, processing chickens, hogs and cattle.  I know myself, I am striving to regain those skills that have not been practiced in years.  I also remember we only made a trip to the grocery store for major food items maybe once a month.  You kept a nice supply of food on hand.

I think in the more rural areas of the country, where your food and self sustaining people live, they are quietly preparing so that they can weather anything that comes their way.  The only major change I see from our forefathers from 50 years ago is that more are prepping in regard to a more severe situation, ie no power, no law enforcement to speak of, things of that nature.

This doesn't mean that you drop your OPSEC and talk openly to everyone you know about what you are doing.  You still need to be careful in that regard, but, you might be finding more like minded people now than before that you can share and exchange information with.

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  1. The internet is a great way to find like minded people and share ideas. You just have to be really careful not to post any pictures or make any comments that will give away your physical location. I speak from painful experience.