Monday, July 29, 2013

Waiting to hear the word....

I'm wondering if this guy has been messing with my phone calls lol.

Today the interview went well, pending the background and license checks it sounds like it will be a go so I can get back to work.

Out here at the farm I am finding quite a few projects that need to be done.  It seems to be a never ending process lol.

One of the main projects that tends to put others on hold is that my niece is a Rodeo Queen candidate at our local rodeo, the Cimarron River Stampede, which is in its 77th year.  It is considered one of the oldest running rodeos here in the state of Oklahoma.  If your in the area come on out it runs from the 8th to the 10th of August.

One of my main projects that I need to get done this week is to go through the fence on one of our 5 acre patches that hasn't been grazed on yet so I can put a few of the horses there so their patch can recover.  We have had some great pasture growth due to this nice rain we have been getting.  Knock on wood we have another chance to possibly get another inch of rain or so tonight.

I also need to get the weed eater going and mow a rapidly growing lawn at some point this week too, it never ends lol.

Once we get an idea on what we possibly want to do with the rainwater system one of the next projects will be possibly getting ready to do some fall planting with some fruit trees and where to put a few raised garden plots to prepare for next spring.


  1. I have added fruit trees every year but this one. I had been waiting until they went on sale in June and July then just babying them through Summer. The saving were great!!! This year however all the fruit tress were sold before May was over.

    Guess people are catching on.

  2. That's a very good point. It sounds like its time to do some shopping around and see if we have anything available right now in my area. Thanks for the heads up there!

  3. Good luck with the job. Hope it works out.