Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The fence is done!

Yay  I got the fence checked and repaired on the east pasture and got two of the horses moved over there.

Here is a shot of the horses that we moved.  The one to the right is a 18 month old colt named Mesquite and next to him is Missy.  That was the patch that I repaired the north fence on.  I think I put in over 15 T posts lol.

This is a shot of Chief, who is on the left and Apache, the momma of Mesquite.  They are on a patch right next to the house now.  These two are broke and rideable.  The other two need to be taken and broke to be ridden.  Poor Mesquite gets to get snipped before he gets broke so he won't be a happy camper lol.

The patch that the younger two are an hasn't been grazed on at all so far this year so they have quite a bit to eat on.  This will give the 10 acres we keep the horses on a break to recover and grow since we have gotten this nice rain.  Can't let that go to waste!

The pastures they  are in right now are wired for goats.  If you notice the fence is a 9 wire fence.  I swear its fun to keep goats in when we have them, they tend to be great break out artists even when they have plenty to eat.  They just love to explore lol.

Well that's all for now, I should hopefully get the trim down and have the floor done on the one room I was working on and then I can see what else I can get into.


  1. It looks like they do have alot to eat for a while. Our youngest horse is 15 years old the rest are much older and retired destructive hoovened beast of tree killing. Mostly old brrod mares my mother stuck us with. Once they are gone my pastures can heal.

  2. Those are some nice looking horses. I say use as many of the T posts you need, the more the merrier, lol..............
    Those T posts make it so convenient when trying to keep animals in or out of areas. I've used many around my gardens to keep both the 2 and 4 legged critters out.