Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My first 10 days with the ScangaugeKR

Ok I thought I would give a few observations I have had with how using the new ScangaugeKR has changed my numbers for the better.

To be able to do a decent comparison for the 10 day period I went and looked at my numbers for the time period of May 18-28th in 2011, and 2012 to compare the difference with the numbers since I have installed the gauge.

Back in 2011 for that time period I averaged 6.77 mpg.  All but one of my fuel ups showed light loads with there being a total of 7 fuel ups for that time period.

In 2012 for that time period  I averaged 6.54 mpg.  All but one of my fuel ups were heavy loads pulling the hills from Illinois to Oklahoma.  At that time I was running on our dedicated Lowes account so I had a consistent route.  I showed 5 fuel tickets for that time period.

These last 10 days I averaged 7.00 mpg.  I showed 3 heavy tickets, one medium and the others light.  I had 8 tickets for that time period.  I made multiple trips through the Appalachian mountains with both heavy and light loads.

Taking that into consideration, I have to say in the last 10 days on average my fuel mileage has increased by 4/10 of a mile when comparing them to the other two periods.  It could be more than that when you really think about it.

Another thing I discovered since I put in a few of the PID codes the manufacturer sent back to me is I can now tell when my truck is doing a passive regen while driving down the road.  I watch my DPF temperature. I have found it runs up to 1100 degrees in a cycle that can last up to 30 minutes.  When this happens I notice a pretty good drop in fuel mileage of up to 2/10 even if your on nice even flat ground.  So a person just has to keep this in mind when they are running and know they have to make that ground back up.


  1. Great info. I appreciate knowing how it worked for you, and knowing how the regen effects mileage is very helpful too.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just wanted to say hello and look forward to reading your blog too.