Tuesday, February 12, 2013

State of the Union

I went and watched the State of the Union tonite.  Yes I know, what a way to spend an evening but there was something interesting.

Bing, had a real time 'pulse' meter where you could vote every 5 seconds to give instant feedback on what people thought of the speech.

Here are a few things I saw:

Both Republicans AND Independents were virtually the same as they moved across the meter.  You could not tell the lines apart.

The Democrat line was slightly higher, BUT it also followed the other two in the ups and downs as the speech went.  This was interesting in the fact that the meter never really got above 0, or neutral.  The lowest the meter hit was -77, and it got that low quite a few times during the speech.

Now if someone there on the Hill had any intelligence, they would take this meter readout, match it up with the speech and see what the country REALLY thinks about the subjects vs the polls that are taken.  I honestly think that this is a much better read than a poll that can be set up how you want it to read.

Overall, it should be interesting if the pundits pick up on this pulse and run with it, or if it suddenly fades in the background to be 'forgotten' since it doesn't state what they think.

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