Saturday, February 9, 2013

Getting out of my comfort zone

This week I was able to sign up on a pilot program with the company I am leased to.

The company I am leased to currently has a per mile contract that the owner operators are on for calculation of our pay.  This contract does have a graduated scale on mileage, and a fuel surcharge.  The thing is though is that it does limit the amount of revenue I can bring in with the truck.

This pilot program opens up a new potential line of revenue for my truck.  The company has a contract with a brokerage firm, which allows us to call them to get a load through them.  The difference in this is the fact that I, as the driver, negotiate the amount I will be paid on the load.  Once an amount is agreed on, I go and take the load.

This is a major step up from running under a static pay model.  Depending on where I am at, what the load volume is, and in small part how well I negotiate will determine how much I will make on this type of load.  It has the potential to make a nice bit of profit to add to the revenue stream.  It also has the potential to lower it too with bad decisions.

I am both excited, and a little scared on stepping out of my comfort zone.  The thing is though, the only way to grow is to get out of that zone.

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