Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Management Woes

Hello everyone, yes I will be using this blog to rant a little so bare with me.  This last weekend I had my 'normal' drill weekend for the National Guard.  Now what made this one a little more unusual was the fact that myself and 3 other soldiers got to go to Ft Chaffee in Arkansas so that we could haul ammo for one of our aviation units at the gunnery range.

The 'full-time' leadership that I have for my platoon where I drill is what I am not happy about.  Here lately he seems to be giving us less information than normal which is scary.  First off last I knew we were not scheduled to be back til Monday, so I made sure work gave me off the appropriate amount of days I needed.  A few days before we are to leave I receive a phone call, informing me that we will have to leave at 2:30AM that morning, but they are not going to get us accomodations like they are suppose to.  WTF?  We voiced our opinion about that, and after I went and paid for a hotel room (so I wouldn't have to wake up and drive for an hour to get to the armory) I receive another call the night before that we now didn't have to leave til 7AM.   Gee thanks guys, I could have saved some money there.  We get ready to leave and ask about our orders.  Come to find out, they don't have them back yet (which is slightly illegal, you have to be on orders to anything of this nature) and we are told to go ahead and get going.

I could go on and on but the whole gist of the thing is that management this round was so ill prepared that I am seriously wondering if we are going to get re-reimbursed for everything we should get.  I definetely don't make enough extra money to be able to throw a few hundred dollars away, (especially for the governments sake!) so I can only hope and pray it all turns out all right in the end.  So far complaining about the management has fallen on deaf ears and what they don't realize, is that if they don't take care of their soldiers, they will leave for a unit that will, its that simple.

I hate ranting about stupid things like this but it was still bugging me even after being back for a few days, so there ya go.  I'll try to come up with a nicer blog here  in a few days lol.

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