Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oklahoma Winter Storm part two

Hello everyone, the reason this is part two is that we had a major storm last month, right before Christmas.  That one dumped quite a bit of snow on the state but not much else.  Now this storm is a little different.  It has been dumping a lot of sleet and ice on parts of the state.  I'm in the NW and we have been lucky at this point, the only thing we are getting is snow.  Now my only other major problem is that it won't be over until I get to go into work tomorrow evening.  I am hoping everyone stays home so I don't have to work any accidents or anything lol.

Other than that, I have been trying to get ahead on my classes and I'm actually surprised as to how I'm doing in them.  I know as long as I stay focused I will do good and keep that in mind.

Here recently I have been doing more 'Twittering' and I'm finding out how much fun it is.  Another thing is that I am getting to know some really cool people from across the country here and that's a huge bonus there.

Well I better get back to some schoolwork so I'll chat with everyone later!

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