Sunday, March 28, 2010

Long Drill Weekend

Well I had another long drill weekend here. We went to Camp Gruber so we could qualify on our weapons. The thing that sucked was that this 3 day drill could have been done in 2 day tops there. We have new leadership and I think they need to work out a few wrinkles there lol.

The weather was ok, but rain and wind came in making it sucky lol. I was able to qualify first round but not with my normal score which kinda ticked me off there. Other than that finally made it back in one piece and got home.

Now I just need to motivate myself and get my homework taken care of, clothes washed etc but having a hard time finding the energy for it. I also didn't enjoy the limited communication I had with people, and it does make you realize how much we are dependent on technology these days. I can tell if I get deployed its REALLY gonna suck...ugh

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