Monday, September 2, 2013

Days off!!

Well I have to say I am real glad to finally get 2 days off in a row!  The company I work for has had me extremely busy here lately.  How busy?  Well last month I had 3 days off in the month, and my busiest week I worked over 70 hours.  I will say I have been dragging butt here lately so the break is nice.

On the home front I am waiting on word on whether or not we can get the loan for the place we want to move over here to the farm.  There are lots of long term plans that will be worked on once we get something set up.  I am hoping I have enough time to get things up and going before it is really needed so the world needs to hold together for a little while longer lol.

This month the weather looks very promising.  It looks like we will have some cooler temperatures with some rain off and on for the whole month.  I have a feeling I better make sure we have plenty of wood on hand as it might be a pretty cold winter from the looks of it.

Here is to hoping my days off schedule holds up so I can keep getting decent days off so I can spend more quality time with the family.  All work and no play can make a person pretty dull lol.

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  1. You are doing well on the hours front, though. In general people are seeing their hours cut way back right now.